escursioni in barca golfo aranci, gita in barca delfini, gita in barca delfini golfo aranci, Escursioni Nord Sardegna.

Golfo Aranci Excursions


Via del Lungomare,

07020 Golfo Aranci (SS)


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+39 351 644 0714

The ideal solution to immerse yourself  in a relaxing holiday and unique experience.

More than just a trip

The ideal solution to immerse yourself in a relaxing holiday and unique experiences.

Golfo Aranci Excursions


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Incredible emotions to experience, with comfort at maximum speed

 Golfo Aranci Excursions offers you Luxury Yachts perfect for making any type of sea outing enjoyable and comfortable. Elegant and racy boats that will excite you both at speed and in moments of relaxation

Technical Data:

Length: 9 to 13,00 mt

Width: 3 to 4,50 mt

Capacity: up to 12 people

Some on-board equipment of Luxury Yacht:

Rear awning, Long Forward deck, Large sunbathing spaces, Equipped outdoor living room, Large cockpit, Doble cabin, Twin cabin, Baths and shower, Fridge, Full kitchen, Stereo, Outdoor shower. 

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Golfo Aranci

Luxury Yacht

Your relaxation is deserved, we make it unique

All Inclusive 


On an all-inclusive basis, we offer weekly cruises aboard comfortable 2-bed yachts to sail among the islands of the Maddalena archipelago or in the crystal clear seas of nearby Corsica. We carry out individual or group "All Inclusive" embarkations (skipper, insurance, deposit, final cleaning)

Live the unique experiences 

On the route, sailing with the Golfo Aranci Excursions luxury yacht, we will meet white beaches such as Romazzino veined with pink nuances, Cala di Volpe with its natural port, Liscia and Petra Ruja with their wide inlets, to continue towards the islands of Soffi, Camere and Mortorio, during navigation you can admire the splendid villas located in the stretch of coast that goes from Romazzino to Cala di Volpe


Dreaming of a dream holiday, unforgettable and full of excitement? Charter a luxury yacht and let yourself be carried away by a unique experience of comfort, relaxation and fun.

Our yachts are equipped with all the necessary comforts to guarantee you an unforgettable stay Our staff will be on hand to meet your every need.

Choose the destination you like best and let our experience guide you whatever your choice, you will be sure to experience an unforgettable holiday.


Our services:

Luxury yacht charter
Holiday customisation
Concierge service
Qualified staff
24/7 assistance


Contact us to find out more and book your dream holiday!

Contact us to find out more
Book your dream holiday!


More information:

We can provide information on destinations, prices and services
We can help you organise your holiday, from departure to arrival

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